On Kawara’s installation, the reading of One Million Years, will be presented for the first time in Indonesia, corresponding with the artist’s debut exhibition at MACAN. For this presentation, male and female volunteers will alternately read out dates from Kawara’s multi-volume collection which comprises One Million Years [Past], noting each year over an entire millennium from 998031 BC, and One Million Years [Future], noting each year over an entire millenium through 1001997 AD.


The first audio presentation of One Million Years took place at the Dia Center for the Arts in New York in 1993, and has been presented at numerous venues since, including documenta 11 (Kassel, Germany) and Trafalgar Square (London, UK). Each time the work is presented, the speakers pick up where the last person left off, embodying the passage of chronological time, a central theme in the artist’s oeuvre. The readings at Museum MACAN will be conducted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday during the exhibition period.


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Cover of One Million Years: Past, 1970-71. © One Million Years Foundation. Courtesy David Zwirner

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